We were honoured to have been invited along to Henley-In-Arden golf club to photograph the guests celebrating the 20th anniversary of the Sue Pike Equine Animal Rescue. This remarkable charity has, for 20 years, provided care for elderly or neglected horses, donkeys and other large animals here in Warwickshire.

It was fantastic to see so many people dressed up to the nines and raising much needed funds for such a worth cause. It is my understanding that in excess of £6000 was raised on the night: a fantastic sum!

All of the photos from the evening are now online. Those of you who bought pictures from us on the night will find a complimentary copy has been added to our Facebook page. Don’t forget to tag yourself!

For more information about this brilliant charity, please check out their website. http://www.spearcharity.org.uk

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Article source: Simon Coates Photography Author : Simon Coates

The annual Rugby Cancer Ball was held in Rugby School’s beautiful Temple Speech Rooms on the 15th October 2016 and we were delighted to have been invited along to photograph this incredibly worthwhile event. It was great to see so many people, dressed to the nines and looking fabulous, raising money for The Arden Cancer Research Centre at UHCW and Teenage Cancer Trust.

The evening was a credit to the organisers who had clearly put a huge amount of effort into running the evening and everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves.

All of the photos from the night are now online and can be found by clicking the button below. For those that bought pictures from us on the night, we’ve uploaded a complimentary copy to our Facebook page – don’t forget to tag yourself!

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Article source: Simon Coates Photography Author : Simon Coates

The St. Andrews Lodge Ladies’ Festival was held at Woodland Grange, Leamington Spa. All of the photographs from the evening are now online and can be found by clicking the button below.

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Article source: Simon Coates Photography Author : Simon Coates

The Lodge of Reunion No. 5618 held their Ladies’ Festival at Leamington Spa’s Woodland Grange on the 8th October and we were delighted to have been invited along to provide our photographic services to this lovely event. It was great to see so many people as keen to have their photograph taken in our mobile studio: you all looked fantastic!

All of the photos from the evening are now available in our Masonic event photo gallery. Also, those that bought photographs from us on the night will find that a complimentary copy has been added to our Facebook page, so don’t forget to tag yourself.

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Article source: Simon Coates Photography Author : Simon Coates

Recently, I’ve been experiencing speed problem with my BT Infinity 2 service – I’ve been getting transfer rates of around 7Mbs when I should have been getting up to 76. During a chat with one of their support technicians, he let slip that the Home Hub 5 doesn’t support Infinity 2 properly. More on that later…..

…. First we need some background on the issue.

BT Infinity slows down

For the last couple of days we’ve notice that our internet connection was very slow, so yesterday evening I bit the bullet and started a BT help desk chat. This is the first thing that irks me with BT: their countdown “You should be answered in 2:32” simply doesn’t work. The wait time goes up and down like a fiddlers elbow before finally giving up and effectively saying “you’ll be answered eventually.” After I’d finally managed to get a technician on the line, he spent a while doing whatever it is he does, before telling me the the problem was I don’t have Infinity 2 and so I am limited to 12.5 Mbs. I sent over a screen shot of the bill, proving that I do, and was told “You’ll need to take it up with Billing.” The technician then ended the chat before I could seek more information.

I started another chat with another technician and again had the chat terminated. By now, I was feeling more than a little determined, so I started a third chat. Third time is a charm! After a total of two and a half hours, the third technician told me “You need to take it up with billing, but they are now closed for the day. I can get them to call you tomorrow.” Great, I thought, I’ll get to the bottom of it tomorrow, so we arranged for a call at 8:30 am.

Tomorrow never comes

This morning, I dragged the dog around the field at break-neck pace so that I could be at my desk for 8:30, but it was in vain: no one called. By 9:00, I’d had enough of waiting so I called the Billing Department directly. After explaining the issue, they claimed that they didn’t know that they were supposed to call me, but they did confirm that I am indeed an Infinity 2 customer. The chap on the phone then proceeded to “run some checks” and, after a while, told me that he had “reset the line” and that I shouldn’t use the internet for an hour to let it “stabilise.”

I left it alone for two hours, before running another speed check. Rather unsurprisingly, it didn’t make any difference. The connection was still slow.

The saga of Pushp, from BT

Given that we’d made zero progress, I started another chat session with Pushp, a BT technician, again explaining the problems I’d encountered. During the conversation, he said some rather strange things. First of all, he’d only accept the speed test results from BT’s own service. He discounted the results from Speedtest.net (Ookla) and Broadbandspeedchecker.co.uk. because they were third party sites and might be limited by their own bandwidth. I pointed out that I was also experiencing slow responses from YouTube and attempting downloads from various different websites were yielding a pitiful 54Kb/s transfer rate. Still, he was convinced that this was everyone else’s fault and that BT were fine.

During the chat, he got me to set the hub so that the channels were fixed, rather than self-sensing. It was then that he dropped the bombshell: only Smarthub 6’s support Infinity 2 correctly. As you’ll see from the transcript below, he said:

Simon, You need a new smart hub 6, which can support Infinity 2 properly. you are using a very old hub, It could also cause the slow speed Issue.Pushp, BT Service Technician

As soon as I replied by saying “That implies that former hubs don’t support it properly” my phone rang; it was Pushp calling. He said that I needed to close the chat window “as it had been open for an hour and ten minutes.” As soon as I said that I’d done it, he terminated the call. It was clear to me that Pushp was attempting to hide any evidence of his conversation and his admission that HomeHub 5’s don’t work correctly. Unfortunately for him, he didn’t tell me to take a copy of the transcript before ending the chat.

At the moment, I am no further forward. I still have terribly slow internet. Time to look for an alternative supplier……

Pushp: Hello. I’m Pushp.Thanks for that information, I’ll check it and get back to you in a moment.
 Pushp: I’m sorry our service hasn’t been up to scratch. Give me a minute and I’ll check what’s going on.

 Pushp: Can you just confirm a few bits of information so I can look into your account please?
• Are you the account holder?
• Your full name?
• Your account number?

 Simon Coates: The account holder is XXXXXXXX, Account number XXXXXXXXXXX
 Pushp: Thank you

 Pushp: I need you to check the current speed as of now.
 Pushp: You can test the speed of your broadband here – http://speedtest.btwholesale.com
 Simon Coates: Yesterday evening I reported a slow broadband connection. After two and a half hours, I was told that the problem was that I don’t have BT Infinity and am limited to 12.5 Mbs. I pointed out that I do have Infinity and have had it since the service was introduced. At that point I was told I needed to talk to Billing and the service technician would arrange for them to call me at 8:30 this morning.

By 9:00 I hadn’t had a call, so I called billing directly. They were unaware that they were supposed to call me. They also confirmed that I am an Infinity 2 subscriber and that I should be getting the service. The technician claimed to have tried “resetting the line” and that I shouldn’t attempt to use the Internet for an hour “to let the line stabilise.” Two hours later, the speed problem still exists.
 Pushp: Thanks for that information.
 Pushp: Allow me a moment.
 File attachment upload has started.
 The file Screen Shot 2016-10-05 at 13.01.56.png (588.34KB) was received.
 Pushp: This is not a BT link. I would need you to check with BT link once please.
 Pushp: You can test the speed of your broadband here – http://speedtest.btwholesale.com
 Pushp: Simon, you are on Infinity 2 plan and your minimum speed should be 63 Mbps.
 Pushp: Let me get this Issue fixed right away.
 Simon Coates: It reports 43.19 Mps. Speedtest.net reports 9.94, Broadbandspeedchecker.net reports 11.07
 Pushp: It is still slow.
 Pushp: I would only recommend the BT link to run the test as it is direct connected to the exchange.
 Pushp: Let me get this fixed right away.
 Simon Coates: It was one of your colleagues last night that recommended speedtest.net
 Pushp: I’m going to run the complete test of your broadband line from the Exchange to your hub, It will take 5 to 7 minutes, I would request you to stay with me.
 Pushp: Which BT home hub you are using?
 Simon Coates: Homehub 4. Type A
 Pushp: Thank you

 Pushp: May I know how do you connect to Internet at home, through cable or wireless?
 Simon Coates: Currently, wireless, but have tried wired too
 Pushp: Okay.
 Pushp: Is your hub and phone line is directly connected to the one main Master socket through the Micro filter?
 Simon Coates: No micro filter as the master socket has two sockets.
 Pushp: Please go this link and tell me what type of master socket you have www.bt.com/help/socket
 File attachment upload has started.
 The file Screen Shot 2016-10-05 at 13.15.50.png (43.78KB) was received.
 Pushp: Thank you

 Pushp: Hub is in top and phone line in bottom. Is tha right_
 Simon Coates: Yes
 Pushp: Okay.
 Pushp: I need you to factory reset the hub now.
 Pushp: You’ll find the “Reset” pinhole button on the back of your Hub, Using a paper clip press the button and hold for 20 seconds. Your Hub lights will go out and your Hub will restart.
 Pushp: This chat will not be disconnected, I’ll be waiting here, when you come back online.
 Simon Coates: I did that with your colleague this morning
 Pushp: Okay.
 Pushp: 1.Open the Hub Manager by going to http://bthomehub.home or in your web browser
 Simon Coates: Ok
 Simon Coates: Sorry, it is Hub 5
 Pushp: Okay.
 Pushp: Go to the hub manager with same link.
 We’ve lost the connection between you and BT Chat. Please give us a moment to try to connect you again.
 We’ll keep trying to reconnect you in the next 480 seconds.
 We’ll keep trying to reconnect you in the next 360 seconds.
 We’ll keep trying to reconnect you in the next 240 seconds.
 Connection resumed.
 Pushp: Click on Settings and Enter the admin password. Unless you’ve previously changed it, you’ll find the default password on your Hub settings card on the back of your Hub.
 Pushp: Are you still there?

 Simon Coates: I am back. Hub decided to reboot itself
 Pushp: Okay, does it happens often_
 Simon Coates: At the settings page and have logged it
 Simon Coates: *in
 Pushp: Click on the “Advanced Settings” tab, then click Continue to Advanced Settings
 Pushp: Click on the “Wireless” tab
 Simon Coates: Done
 Pushp: Go to the 2.4GHz page and select a channel from the drop down menu next to “Wireless , select the channel 1
 Pushp: Click Apply to confirm the change. Then wait 60 seconds for your computer to automatically discover the new settings. There’s no need to change any settings on your computer
 Pushp: Go to the 5GHz page and select a channel from the drop down menu next to “Wireless Channel” select the channel 36
 Simon Coates: Done
 Pushp: Now, save the settings and restart the hub from the power button.
 We’ve lost the connection between you and BT Chat. Please give us a moment to try to connect you again.
 We’ll keep trying to reconnect you in the next 480 seconds.
 We’ll keep trying to reconnect you in the next 360 seconds.
 Connection resumed.
 Simon Coates: Done
 Pushp: Now, I need you to run the speed test again.
 Pushp: You can test the speed of your broadband here – http://speedtest.btwholesale.com
 Simon Coates: Speedtest.net reports 5.72
 Pushp: Use Bt link please.
 Simon Coates: BT: 62.01, Speedtest.net: 5.72, Broadbandspeedchecker.co.uk: 7.67
 Pushp: That is great.
 Pushp: Simon, I would like to advise you something.
 Simon Coates: Why is there such a great difference between BT and the other standard speed checkers?
 Pushp: the other website is not connected to our exchange so it is not giving you the correct speed. The speed result you get on these website are basically as per  their own server, which are not connected with BT at all.
 Pushp: I would never recommend to use the third party website.
 Simon Coates: Perhaps you need to explain that to your colleagues
 Pushp: As per BT link you are now, getting the full speed.
 Pushp: Sure, I´ll do that.
 Simon Coates: They recommended Speettest.net
 Pushp: I´m so sorry about that, might be he was a new advisor.
 Pushp: I´m telling you as per my experience.
 Simon Coates: It is also interesting that the two independent sites give very similar results
 Pushp: I told you it is totally depends on their own sever, sometime they might show you the speed up to 300 Mbps, Happened with me, when I was helping a customer.
 Pushp: He used speed.net and got high speed result.
 Pushp: I can assure you now. there is no fault on the line and only needed to set up the channel correctly.
 Pushp: Are you happy I have fully resolved your query today?
 Simon Coates: No.
 Simon Coates: I am still getting slow downloads.
 Pushp: Okay.
 Simon Coates: Attempting to download a file from DaVinci Resolve – 543mb file is due to take around 30 minutes.
 Simon Coates: I am certain that were I to select a file from a different site, it would also be slow
 Pushp: You can try now,
 Pushp: It would not take that long any more.
 Simon Coates: Bt Speed test is now dropped to 56
 Pushp: The hub takes 12 to 24 hours to get settled and It will give you the best available speed. If you check after 5 minute, It will increase again.
 Simon Coates: A 28mb download from Sandisk’s website is taking over 10 minutes
 Simon Coates: I am currently getting 45KB/Sec
 Pushp: Simon, Ive already told you can not help with third party website at all.
 Pushp: They are not related to BT, so I can not even comment on that.
 Pushp: I can only help with the BT speed test link.
 Pushp: No other speed test website.
 Simon Coates: That is nonsense. It proves that the issue is within your network.
 Pushp: No It does not.
 Simon Coates: It appears that any connection I make to ANY WEBSITE is slow
 Pushp: In that case I would advise you to check your device, It may also cause you the slow speed Issue.
 Pushp: When was the last time you updated your device_
 Simon Coates: Which of the three devices I have tried today?
 Pushp: When was the last time you updated all of your three device and cleaned the Internet browser_
 Simon Coates: I have tried an iMac, an iPad and a Windows 10 machine = all the same results
 Pushp:  01:52:51 PM [00:53:40]

When was the last time you updated all of your three device and cleaned the Internet browser_
 Simon Coates: Also, why was I advised last night that the issue was with my account and that I am limited to 12.5mb
 Simon Coates: That 28mb download is still going – 17mb recieved
 Pushp: I´ve fixed your Issue, you are getting full speed now. I´ve already apologized on the behalf of the advisor who gave you Incorrect Information.
 Simon Coates: Why did three advisers give bad information?
 Simon Coates: I have now cleared the cache on my iPad (and restarted it) but Youtube videos refuse to play without stuttering
 Pushp:  What is the speed you are getting on BT website now_
 Simon Coates: 45.48
 Pushp: Okay,
 Pushp: Does your hub keep rebooting Itself often_
 Simon Coates: Not that I am aware of – except earlier when I was talking with you
 Pushp: Simon, You need a new smart hub 6, which can support Infinity 2 properly. you are using a very old hub, It could also cause the slow speed Issue.
 Simon Coates: Ok. How do I go about getting one?
 Pushp: Your contract is over, so what I can advise you to renew the contract and you can also opt for the faster speed plan which is now available for you up to 80 Mbps. Once you renew the contract, you can get the new smart hub worth of £50.00 for free of cost.
 Simon Coates: That’s not really acceptable. You’ve admitted that the hub I have doesn’t support Infinity 2 properly – it is a service I am still paying for to the tune of £60 per month – and I cannot use what I am paying for.
 Simon Coates: I might just as well switch to Virgin who will provide a faster connection
 Pushp: You don´t understand what I said.
 Simon Coates: “You need a new smart hub 6, which can support Infinity 2 properly”
 Simon Coates: That implies that former hubs do not support it properly

Article source: Simon Coates Photography Author : Simon Coates

Ho Ho Ho…… Father Christmas will soon be on his way once again you ain’t got a clue what to get the loved ones… Well don’t panic, we have everything covered, we are always there to help….

Right down to business… gotta get the diesel-jacksonkiddies sorted, larger items.. Photobooks, Multiprint posters, something that stands out.. Stocking Fillers.. Notebooks, Kids Travel Mugs, Keyrings Fridge Magnets…. Job done.

Now Dad Grandad… yes a bottle of Bell’s is great, but this year give him something that lasts longer then 24 hours… Acrylic Blocks, Artblocks, very stylish all complete with an image of you giving it large… will make him smile everyday..

Now getting slightly more difficult… Mum Gran…. lads I’ve got it sorted, Pocket Photobooks, 10cm x 7cm, stylish Black Leather finish with magnetic clasp… very sheek, fits in any handbag, contains your 10 best shots…. or one of our mid range Photobooks, Matt Black Finish with Presntation Box, with 20-30 of your best images…. they will love you forever..

Hubby (same as kids really)…. easy… not the jumper or the sander… Aluminium Travel  Mug, Glass Mount Frames a gooden…. our for something a little more.. Framed Print or our Special Offer Canvas.. 75cm x 50cm… yes large… £65.00

Now the life death decision… the wife…… This year give her something to show you really put in the effort, with a wide range we have something to make any ladie’s day… Stocking fillers.. Pocket Photobook, lush… packed with shots of you.. cool. Notebook… great for lap scoring keeping a list of DIY jobs that needs doing… sure we could find some printed oven gloves…if needed.

If she’s been really good.. then how about a large framed print of yourselves giving large air… the for that really special lady… we can supply you with your images on a Wallpaper.. yes, imagine, she can wake up every morning the first thing she’ll see is you gooning… wow, you really would have the bestest crimbo ever you’ve done some DIY putting it up….

Now I’ve sorted your crimbo..

At ImageMX we try to offer great images, finished to give our clients something stunning to keep for a long time. We offer a wide range of products, all available through our gallery software system. Below are a list of prints products to suit every occasion everyone’s budget. Please click on the images to view bigger, all items can be tailored to suit your needs.

Special Offer!!!!   A4 Calender 2016…. £40.00 +pp

30″ x 20″ (75cm x 50cm) Canvas Print…. £65.00 +pp

Multiprint Poster

Choose your favourite 10-14 images, we will make you a stylish print, add your name number just to make it that little more special.

Samples are emailed for approval before printing

A1 Print £50.00

A2 Print £35.00

Framed versions available


These are a single image print, let us know your favourite shot, we’ll add your name number..

A1 Print £40.00

A2 Print £25.00



Kids Travel Mug (NEW)

Great gift for any child, choose your favourite image, you’ll recieive a great looking Travel Mug…… £15.00 available onsite

Larger style Aluminium Travel Mugs for Dads are also available in our galleries..



Hardback Photobook (28cm x 21cm)

A really stunning gift, hardback photobook containing 24 pages with a printed front cover spine….

These we can fit up to around a 100 images, so if you have raced all season, these are great to keep as a memior too look back on..

Just pick out an image of the rider when ordering we’ll find the rest of their images….. £85.00


Photobook Presention Box (NEW)

These come with a plain matt black cover presentation box, contains 20 pages (up to around 30 images)… These are the lastest in stylish photobook available in three sizes..

12″ x 8″ Photobook…£65.00

8″ x 6″ Photobook…£50.00

7″ x 5″ Photobook…£42.00


Pocket Photobook (NEW)

Great little handy photobook, stylish in design, black leather effect with magnetic closure. Handy 10cm x 7cm size, fits nicely in handbag or pocket…

It comes with 5 pages allowing 10 images, all pages are reuseable, so fancy a change, peel one out insert a newer photo, a gift you can keep updateing if you wish …£25.00


Notebook (NEW)

A great stocking filler, ring bond notepad, with personalised cover.

Choose your favourite images for the cover, name number can be added…  £10.00




CD of the Season

If you raced this season with KSMXC or PJMXC… then this is a great way of keeping your memories for years to come.

CD come with all your images from the season, plus a few extra edits, a personalised cover… excellent gift

One rider………..£70.00

Second rider……£50.00

Glass Mount Frames

This is a stylish looking frame, made with 4mm toughened glass, for wall hanging or standing. Make even my shots stand out a little bit more…

10″ x 8″…..£20.00


Acrylic Blocks

All these come with a smart presentation block, photos are sandwiched between the two clear blocks held by magnets. So can be updated with newer photos as time goes on..

8″ x 6″…. £20.00

7″ x 5″….£15.00

Gift Vouchers: An excellent gift for anyone, starting from £5, these can be redeemed to purchase prints, photo shoots, whatever they wish. Printed certificate, comes complete with folder. Vouchers above £50.00, come with print of rider, available to order through our galleries or contact us.

Others Products: We offer a wide range of products, some our available on site such as Key Rings a selection of sizes of Acrylic Blocks. On site a full range of products, Photobooks, Mugs, Calenders, etc. All items are available in the online galleries…

If you need to discuss any services shown on our website, please feel free to contact myself on

0800 026 2075 or 07957216682


Email: mcdec@btinternet.com


Article source: Image MX Author : Colin Brister