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Horse Photography Wall Art

From your shoot or event you can choose your Horse Photography Wall Art. There has never been a greater range of wall art products to choose from. From a Horse Photography Canvas to a metal print, there is something to suit all tastes.

Then there is the edit and this needs to be sympathetic to the photograph.

Editing Equine Photography Fine Art

We have the simple edits like removing a fly and changing colours. You can also have full art edits such as this watercolour wall art.

Horse Photography Wall Art
Horse Photography Wall Art

Quite a change from the original stable shoot photograph.

Horse Photography Wall Art Original Photograph before the Watercolour Fine Art edit
Horse Photography Wall Art Original Stable Shoot Photograph

As you can see Nigel dressed for the shoot. An equestrian shoot is about the horse as well as rider, owner or handler. The style of dress really helps define the best edit and best product. You can of course have a stable shoot and a black background fine art shoot. We use a few tricks to create a low key photography wall art product for you. In fact on a well planned shoot you could have many styles to choose from.

Here are a few examples of our horse photography fine art edits.

Show Jumping Fine Art Edits

Show Jumping Watercolour Wall Art edit showing how we hide and emphasise the important parts
Show Jumping Watercolour Wall Art edit

Virtually any image can be edited into something unique. Arena Show Jumping might not be the perfect place to start, but you can finish with wall art. Picking the right edit can emphasise and hide many things.

Show Jumping Photograph before the Fine Art Watercolour edit
Show Jumping Photograph before the Fine Art Watercolour edit

Canvas or metal print wall art, watercolour or Acrylic Panel, there is something for everyone. At the end of the day a photograph is nothing until it is printed. Wall art requires no batteries, the file will never corrupt and it is there for all to enjoy.

Article source: DorsetPhotoEvent Author : mike weeks

DorsetPhotoEvent cover Equestrian Events across Dorset and the South-West, we know how to photograph equestrian events. We Photograph all disciplines from BE (British Eventing) to Endurance and Local Shows to National competitions. We can photograph your event and have put together a little advice for you.

How to Photograph Equestrian Events

In many ways it is no more difficult than to say you need images that make the horse or pony look great, so what works?

Rule 1. Timing, there are certain elements of the stride pattern that look great, some that look OK and some that can look awful. Knowing when to press the shutter button is paramount. There is then the added issue that some cameras react faster than others. You need to know your camera and the horses stride and match the two together.

How to Photograph Equestrian Events - Show Jumping Photography timing the shot

Show Jumping Photography timing the shot

Rule 2. Angle, now again this means many things, are we shooting from the front, the side or the rear. Being over 6 foot tall I have to think about not shooting down. Shooting show jumping I could end up making that 1 foot jump look like stepping over a pole on the ground.

Rule 3. Light, as a youngster I was always told to shoot with the sun coming over a shoulder. That is great for basic photography and we can break that rule for far more dramatic effects but more on that with camera settings. The direction of the light changes over a day, not such a problem when shooting X-Country as you can move. This is definitely an issue for Dressage when you often shoot from one spot all day long.

So now we have a Rules, the considerations of how to photograph an equestrian event let us talk about equestrian camera settings.

Camera Settings for Equestrian Photography

Image Quality

Setting 1. RAW or JPEG. If you want to start a fight among photographers this is right up there with Canon or Nikon. In the fast moving world of event photography there is not the time to convert from RAW. When you have maybe 10,000 images from a day JPEG is the order of the day. For optimum quality and to give you more control RAW is far superior. For a portrait session or stable shoot RAW is King – there is no single answer as you have to match your workflow.

Shutter Settings

Setting 2. Single shot or continuous burst? If we refer back to Rule 1, timing then because we know our equipment and the horses movement we only need a single shot as we time to perfection. A continuous burst is just as likely to miss that decisive moment as capture it. A trick is to use the low speed continuous and by using a light touch only one image is taken (don’t press and hold). What can make this much easier is to break the connection between focusing and shutter activation. We break this connection by using back button focusing. This really is a Marmite setting that some can never master and some never need to.

Dressage Photography is about getting the correct stride

Dressage Photography timing the stride pattern

Exposure Settings

Setting 3. Exposure mode, and before you can determine that you need to know what is important to you. For me it is controlling the depth of field, how much is in focus and I let the camera do the rest most of the time. As a Nikon user that is Auto ISO. So choose a shutter speed that freezes as much of the action as I want. Use low shutter speed pan with the action to get something arty. Use a high shutter speed and freeze the action and see every hair. So my choice is Aperture priority Auto ISO.

Setting 4. Metering pattern and this is a matter of learning what you camera does. In some situations matrix metering is perfect. Other times it may be spot and manual compensation because of the use of Auto ISO. The thing to do is to find the situations that will cause issues. Think as back lit black or the whitest of gray horses and see how your camera performs.


Setting 5. Focusing and again it comes down to personal preference. The newer cameras have so many focusing modes. At the top level the tracking capabilities and the speed with which the camera can lock onto a target are fantatstic. This is something I dreamed about when I bought the very early auto-focus cameras about 35 years ago. Focusing should always be though of in combination with Rule 2.

Cross Country Equestrian Photography

Cross Country Equestrian Photography timing and |Location

Equestrian Photography Camera Choice

So what camera? It is never just the camera, it is the camera and lens combined that needs to be considered. My first consideration would be ergonomics. The camera must fit the hand comfortably as you will be using it all day long. Weight should then also be considered which opens up the strap or harness of choice. Can you minimise the effect of weight by using a monopod, bean bag etc.

Some cameras perform well in low light, so will you be indoors in low light trying to catch action? Will you be outside in all weathers. Will your images be used on billboards?

There is a reason why the 70-200 f2,8 is possibly the most common lens that I and equestrian photographers own. They are known for their sharpness, speed of focusing. They also offer a good level of weather proofing.

So that was a basic trot around what you need to consider. Hopefully that will help you know how to photograph equestrian events.

We at DorsetPhotoEvent also do stable visits, portraits and lots more to produce fine art equestrian photography.

DorsetPhotoEvent can be contacted on;

Telephone: 07951 926304

92 Andover Green
BH20 6LP

Article source: DorsetPhotoEvent Author : mike weeks

MX Photography  Off Camera Flash Training – 8th April, 29th July 26th August 2020….. Book Early, Limited Spaces….

IMX030Well it is now our sixth year of offering training days  here’s your chance to learn how to shoot one of the most exciting motorsports close up… MX how to use Off Camera Flash to make your shots of MX any other sport stand out above your competitors…

The day is for both amatuer professional photographers. The day will be spent at one of the UK’s premier tracks, Washbrook Farm MX, near Chatteris, Cambs. The training courses are designed to cover all aspects of shooting MX the use of Off Camera Flash, both techniques which can be used for any sport.

My love for OCF started about 8 years, ago when I saw some images shot by a surfing IMX036photographer.. I wondered whether this could be adapted for MX, since then we have been working on our system, producing some stunning images along the way. The day will cover how to use lighting to make your images even more stunning, for event photographers, this will be a handy tool to make you stand out produce more profits. As I have said, this style of shooting works for all, simple example is the image at the begining of the blog… simple rider bike shot, but something a little special with the lighting, covering a football tournament? stick a kid 45 degrees to a goal, one foot on ball, ask him to give some attitude, take shot, no parent will walk away without that image.. Mountain biking, canoeing, rugby, anything… it all works.

If you wish to see the type of work we will be covering in the training day, please watch the video below..

Now MX… what a sport, fast, exciting, muddy, dramatic… but great fun. this is a great sport to shoot. The day will give you a chance to work on track, feet from the riders. We will cover the safety side of shooting MX, where your safe the definate no no’s of safety. I be showing you how to get 10 shots out of every corner or jumps, leaving you more quality images to sell to your customers. All shot using the OCF system

Later in the day we will have a little time on how to cover an event in a productive effeceint system, showing all aspects of how to make money from your hobby, saves you making all the mistakes I did to start with.



8th April 2020, 29th July 2020 26th August 2020

The day will consist of:

Kick of at 9.00am with a hot cuppa a bacon roll… have a chat about the equipment we’ll be using, settings what we are going to aim for … Then a very long, but very important safety talk.

ImageMX PhotographyWe’ll start the day by grabbing some youth his bike showing how quick easy it is to setup the lighting capture some stunning portraits

Then out on track before the riders start, to talk more safety and start on the work of setting up your shots.

A few hours of shooting and explaining the light set ups…

Lunch and discuss

Another session working on lighting and ultra wide, then a bit of time at the end for you to have a bit of freeplay…

IMX33The van will be available to view any of your shots and see how we got on… I use Canon, any Canon users wishing to have a play will be able at the end of the day.. If you use Nikon, its not a problem, bring any flash equipment along you have. The whole day system we use are available for both Canon Nikon

Review of your shots from the day, group discussion on how you all got on.. finishing about 5…

Please bring cameras, flashes etc, lenses to be fitted with filters

Tea coffee are provided, we cannot cater, but there is an on site facility, for further information on the track please visit www.washbrookfarmmx.co.uk

The day will cost £ 90.00 per person and will be limited to seven, for more info are to place a booking please email mcdec@btinternet.com or contact me on 07957216682

If you need to discuss any services shown on our website, please feel free to contact myself on

0800 026 2075 or 07957216682


Email: mcdec@btinternet.com


Article source: Image MX Author : Colin Brister

The National Modern Biathlon Championships were held at Nottingham’s Harvey Hadden Sports Centre and we were delighted to have been invited along as the official photographers for this prestigious event.

Over the course of two days hundreds of competitors took to the pool and to the track and there were some excellent performances.

All of the photos are now online and can be viewed by clicking the button below.

As a thank you to those that bought photos from us at the event, we’ve added a complimentary copy to our facebook page for you to tag and share.

Article source: Simon Coates Photography Author : Simon Coates

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Article source: Simon Coates Photography Author : Simon Coates

We were delighted to have been invited to run the two meet and greet photographic studios at this year’s Coventry ComicCon. What a spectacular success it was too!

The event brought together the stars of the screen, both large and small, and allowed fans to meet their idols.

All of the photos that were taken in the studios are available – for free – by clicking the button below. They were supposed to be sorted by your individual folder number but, unfortunately, due to a family medical issue I don’t have time to sort them. I just wanted to make them available as soon as possible.

We have also uploaded a copy of all of the printed photos to our Facebook page to make it easier to tag and share!

I have seen some people claim that “there’s no such thing as free” when it comes to the photos at Cons – they claim that the price has been built in somehow or other.

I can assure you that this is not the case here, we’ve absorbed the cost ourselves as a way of thanking you all and helping, hopefully, to make the day even more special.

When you download your photos, you will be asked for an email address. I promise that it will not be used for any marketing at all. It is simply used to send the link to the photo download. I hate spam and will neversend any.

All we ask is, if you like the service we provided, that you consider leaving us a Facebook review.

Article source: Simon Coates Photography Author : Simon Coates