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It really could be described as a Tale of 2 Weathers. Dressage in the rain, only something that seasoned riders can appreciate. For obvious reasons the first image is called “Come in number 1, your time is up”.

Talk about Mad Dogs and Englishmen, there should be a saying about Lady Riders and their tenacity. Of course it was young and old, male and female that braved the elements.

Whilst we enjoy Dressage Photography we much prefer it in more pleasant weather. Congratulations to all that braved the elements.

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sometimes we get asked if we can can just do something different with an image that the customer just loves.

We try to be different as well. Whilst some editing can easily be achieved on site, some more complex editing can be done post event.

Don’t forget we stable visits and photographfine art equestrian portraits.

DorsetPhotoEvent can be contacted on;

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Article source: DorsetPhotoEvent Author : mike weeks

A cold start to the day at Bovington but that did not deter our show jumpers from a fine day of competition.

As usual a challenging course set by Stuart to help find the top riders.

To me nothing looks better than rider and horse working together to complete the round in the best possible time. Our part to is to provide some great equestrian photography.

We could just record the action but where is the fun in that. We decided to take some rider portraits as well. This is a project we will be continuing throughout the year. In part we will be doing some of it to raise funds for the Dorset Somerset Air Ambulance.

WE have set up a just giving page at 10 Years of Equestrian Photography.

Many may not realise that the Air Ambulance is basically privately funded and that on average a mission costs £2500. So there we have or target, fund a mission.

This will be my tenth year of Equestrian Photography so what a great way to put something back, something that has been needed by a number of riders and their family.

Article source: DorsetPhotoEvent Author : mike weeks

There is more, a new version of the V860 with the same X1 trigger system built in, the V860II, available in Nikon, Canon and Sony hotshoe but each can be used Off Camera with all 3 systems. They instantly recognise and change to the correct system that you are using.

Now the AD600 is 500 watts of power and the V860II has a guide number of 60 (GN60) so to complete the family there is the AD360II. Again the built in 3 system receiver and it can be used hotshoe mounted so comes in Nikon and Canon versions. It is a bare bulb 360W flash and sits nicely between the other 2 in power and portability.

Now I only have to carry 1 trigger system and do not need receivers as they are built in to the lights. No need to carry as many batteries or cables so not only has my system become more compact but also more flexible. Everything works with everything else. Now it might sound that I am happy but then they made my system complete.

A big use of battery powered flash is a technique called overpowering the sun. This often entails the use of High Speed Sync (HSS) Flash). Of course all these lights are HSS capable, but what if I want more power on a really bright day? For that we have the Godox H1200, you combine the power of 2 AD600 heads in one bulb and get a 1200W system. There is no other lighting system that gives that much power for so little money.

Article source: DorsetPhotoEvent Author : mike weeks

It is 12 months since I ordered my first Citizen CX printer because my existing printers had done their time. Two things attracted me to Citizen, firstly they were the manufacturers of my previous printers and these machines carry their own name.

So what do I need?

As I work in all weathers i need something that can cope with a cold damp equestrian event. To a hot humid social function such as a Prom.

I need something I can carry easily. At 14KG it fits the bill perfectly.

If I am doing the photography, my staff will be operating the printer. The Citizen printers are easy to use. It takes seconds to change media.

I need a printer that prints an image that looks like the subject. Usually i have had custom profiles made for my printers but these I just used. Colours were good out of the box.

Citizen CX printerCitizen CX printer

Citizen CX printer

I need a printer that can run whilst speeches and presentations are happening. Nobody has complained we are making too much noise.

Citizen printers also look modern, so where you have to leave it visible it looks professional. Customers seeing the Citizen label have remarked it must be quality.

I would like to jump into gushing prose about how good they are. The issue is that they just do the job. Great looking prints time after time. No mechanical issues, no user issues, no print problems. You remember the advert that says “It does what it says it does on the tin”. Well this is the printer that does what it says it does on the box.

For many years I have purchased my equipment and supplies from Photomart, and continue to do so. The pricing on the Citizen media offers me the best value and when I said there were 2 reasons for the change, add these 2, Pricing Photomart.

A bit of technical information. These are dye sublimation printers. There are sometimes called Digital Dye Thermal Transfer printers. It is a dry to dry process where heat is used to transfer colour onto the paper. The Citizen CX printer can print in a range of sizes from 6″ x 4″ to 9″ x 6″.

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Article source: DorsetPhotoEvent Author : mike weeks

School Prom Photographer 2016 we are now taking bookings across Dorset, Hampshire, Devon and Wiltshire. Prom Photography can not be repeated so you need the services of a professional photographer  who understands that and here are 4 reasons why it should be us;

  • We use professional equipment
  • All Equipment is Safety checked (many venues check safety certificates)
  • We are professionally insured (again checked by venues so don’t get caught out)
  • We take great photos

(We prefer venues that operate in a safe and professional manner and they will only let us work because we provide them with insurance and safety check details)

School Prom Photographer

We have been photographing proms for a number of years and we look forward to welcoming back our regulars this year as well as being available for new customers.

School Prom Photographer 2016

School Prom Photographer 2016

We offer on site printing up to 12″ x 8″ –  and all images purchased will have a free copy uploaded to Facebook that you can tag and share with family and friends – we also offer pre-pay packages at great savings over our standard prices. Our standard prices also offer great value for professional photography – you can go cheap but we have seen the disasters and would hate for you to be disappointed.

School Prom Photobooth

If you are looking for a photo booth to add to your prom we have partnered with a great local provider to add even more fun and fun is what we are about. Yes we want you to be able to fun and formal images. Please contact for special offers

Dorset Prom Photographer

Dorset Prom Photographer

We are happy to provide coverage across Dorset, Hampshire, Devon and Wiltshire. We can also ensure you get a great prom photographer if you live further away. We are part of a network of the countrys best prom photographers. We only recommend people we trust.

School Prom Photographer Dorset

School Prom Photographer Dorset

So what do you want from your prom photographer? Contact us now and we can provide you with advertising leaflets for all those attending. Having a themed Prom? We can work with you to add something extra to the party such as green scree. So what are you waiting for? Contact me to ensure you get a great Prom Photographer Dorset.

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Article source: DorsetPhotoEvent Author : mike weeks