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Sometimes we get the best of jobs………who couldn’t fall for this little fella

and then we got a commission for a British Wildlife Calendar, so couldn’t resist this pretty lady

In between the cute days its been hard slog, and we have had four events as well this week, but thanks to Millys hard work all the images are up and ready for competitors to view.

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August has brought us a very wet weekend and two horse events to cover. Photos from Ashwater show are now online  here

 and Brentor EGB  here

 Well done everybody who braved Devons finest weather!!

Article source: Farlap Author : farlap

Apologies the blog has been a little neglected this summer. We have just been so busy with such a huge diversity or work that the weeks have slipped by.
This last week has seen Paignton Ch Show, our largest show of the year take place for our 12th year, and once again we met some wonderful new clients as well as catching up with old favourites!

 June Saw Milly undertaking her first solo event, Silverton Show, where she had a great support from the exhibitors, and enjoyed her day without me!

 Despite it being summer we have managed to get a days hunting in, in the form of river rat hunting with the terriers, this great shot shows what fun we had on the river with harry and his sealyhams.

Article source: Farlap Author : farlap

its been a very “international” few weeks for Farlap!
We have had some really unusual and unique images sales world wide, and I think this one that was commissioned by Neil Barrett Milan   was one of our more unusual jobs so far this year, as we are not known for producing images for the fashion industry!

However Neil wanted a specific shot of an eagle, and with the help of our lovely eagle wrangling friend, Martin at Dartmoor hawking, we got the perfect shot.

other overseas work this month has included a lamb image to a German website builder, and a cat image to a Swedish corporation for their conference room wall!

Article source: Farlap Author : farlap