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If we are to believe certain areas of the photographic press you just need to take a few snaps, print them out and the public will be falling over themselves to give you money, so what is the reality?

As with any service provided to clients you put yourself in a position where you could become liable if things go wrong so make sure that insurance is at the top of your list.

It is probably best to now look at what sets event photography apart from other photographic disciplines and that is that most often event photographers produce images on-site. This is where dye-sub printers come into the equation as they are able to deliver professional quality images in seconds. The printer however is just part of the workflow of getting the images from the camera to the customer. There are many ways that this can be achieved dependent upon the type of event being covered.

There is little substitute for experience and knowledge in this area and the people that have that in abundance are event photographers so joining a forum like http://www.eventphotographersociety.co.uk/phpBB3 is one of best ways of acquiring these skills. You will need to setup suitable software for such things as downloading images, wireless connections, viewing images and finally printing them.

Now what we need is suitable images to sell and again the type of event will dictate what photographic equipment is required. Social event photography has very different lens requirements to sporting events and you may also have to work at high ISO’s to acquire the desired shutter speed. Once we have established the equipment what we need to do is look at the various techniques such as posing and lighting for social events or knowledge of the event for sports i.e. what and where you should be looking at to capture the peak of the action. Events such as http://www.eventphotographysolutions.co.uk/the-profit-from-seminars.html amongst others could help you develop the required skills.

From the points listed I have developed a simple list of things that need to be considered. Of primary importance is insurance and for virtually everything else there is training which will help determine the other items on the list.


  1. Insurance
  2. Training
  3. Dye-Sub Printer
  4. Workflow Software
  5. Camera & Lens
  6. Lighting & Other Equipment
Dye sub printer flight case

The Flight case as bought

Your DNP DS40 or DS80 Dye Sublimation Printer is an expensive and vital bit of equipment and as such deserves to be protected and cared for. If you are an event photographer producing onsite printing, then it needs to travel to event locations. One of the most common travel solutions are flight cases, and these can usually be purchased as an accessory from the printer supplier.
As an alternative, here is a DIY solution using “off the shelf” materials which takes less than an hour to do and comes in at just under £100 (2011 prices).
Material needed:
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It is not too late to book an event photographer for your christmas party or Xmas function. On site printing  and pre-paid packages can all be arranged if you contact a professional event photographer now. Christmas is time for fun and what could be better than instant high quality photographs from your special occasion.

The latest dye-sub printers allow us to produce images that will last as long as photographs from a lab and you could also have your images available to purchase after the xmas party from a secure website, so what are you waiting for? Find your local professional event photographer at the event photographer society.

Xmas Party Photographer

Xmas Party Photographer Christmas Party Photographer

 See the fun that you are missing out on – go ahead book today.